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So You want to be a Pastafarian eh? OK! Puf! You are one!


There is no ritual, no rite de passage, singing, foreskin cutting, water sprinkling or other weird nonsense. There are no fees, lectures or brainwashing. Just remember to be tolerant, nice to others and carry the word about Him through the world. Does His Noodlyness expect something of you? Just that you’ll live in peace with yourself and others knowing that He’s watching and caring after you. Don’t do nothing to others that wouldn’t please you, but in case you’re into that sort of things then remember to ask your legally adult and healthy on the mind partner before you start. Don’t laugh about other people opinions and beliefs about life or the world, this and beyond, remember that he is likely to laugh about you, frankly because you believe in an Invisible Flying Spaghetti Monster for Pastas sake!

Know that you REALLY don’t have to completely believe in His Noodlynees, He is not that much vain.  We think, that this doesn’t cross Pastafarianism as a religion, because in our point of view a religion is a group of people with the same way of looking on the World. It’s likely that you know Christians that don’t do everything the Biblie says and still consider themselves as true believers. This is similar in Pastafarianism. His Noodlyness won’t feel offended if you would like to believe in some other god apart from Him, as you might noticed He did stay hidden for all those years for some reason.

Nevertheless remember, that our faith is true and our Church has the same right as other religions to thrive.


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Games Online. Browser games. Loans. RPG. Money. Banks


Games Online. Browser games. Loans. RPG. Money. Banks

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