Wednesday, 06 August 2014 08:19
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Flying Spaghetti Monster - the Game!

 Dear Brothers and Sisters!


Are you fond of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Do you want to feel what it's like to be an Carbohydrate Based Holy Entity? If so we have a great message for you! After much time of work and test, out of sheer Noodly Passion came Flying Spaghetti Monster the Game.


Made by a fellow Pastafarian - Bartek Jankowski, this unique game is available now completely free on Google Play for mobile devices working on Android or Windows Phone. Download now and help His Noodliness fight bigotry! :)


The game can be downloaded from HERE (ANDROID)

The game can be downloaded from HERE (WINDOWS PHONE)

The game can be downloaded from HERE (Apple)



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Pastafarianin z przekonania od dobrych paru lat. Za cel postanowił sobie krzewienie Wiary w Polsce, stąd ta strona :]


Niech Spłynie na Was Święte Bolognese!

RAmen Bracia i Siostry!

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