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Monstrous cake

Thursday, 17 October 2013 19:50 Published in Sightings



Fellow Pastafarians,


On the birthday party of Pastafarian Robert the Flying Spaghetti Monster manifested itself! This is the most divine gift which Robert could receive on this special day for him ... Robert, we wish you all the best! :)


Manifested in the sky

Monday, 14 October 2013 22:21 Published in Sightings



Generally, the main feature of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is that He is, so to speak ... Flying. Although He may be found in a variety of circumstances and forms, seeking His Noodliness in the sky is one of the better choices. Evidence of this can be a great sighting of the Monster, who has taken the shape of a white cloud. As you can see, His all-powerful tentacles spread all over the sky, from one horizon to the other. How could we not trust in His existence? :)



Friday's advice from His Noodliness

Friday, 11 October 2013 16:07 Published in Sightings


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


In response to some of your inquiries, we are publishing this post telling you that yes, today we have a Friday :) So today we celebrate another Pastafarian holiday ! As you know, in Fridays, celebrations can sometimes get out of control. As is shown in the above image,it happens even to His Noodliness. That was probably captured on Saturday morning when resting on the beach. Remember that according to some sources, it was the Friday, when Monster in a similar condition, not quite intentional created the world :) A tip for today is to celebrate within reason, that on the next day it wouldn't turn out that by accident you also appointed something to the life (by the way I refer to eighth "The Eight I’d Really Rather You Didn’ts" );)


Nevertheless, with all our hearts I wish you a happy Friday :)


Throne made of pasta for our carbohydrate Lord

Wednesday, 09 October 2013 19:10 Published in Sightings


Hello Sisters and Brothers in faith,



Pastafarian Łukasz drew our attention to this wonderful piece of furniture. If His Noodliness would like to have a throne this one could be just perfect for Him. 


Who wouldn't want to have furniture of the pasta? ;)



Checkmate Atheists!

Sunday, 06 October 2013 20:36 Published in Sightings



As is well known, there is no greater threat to the Universe than atheism. Those who declare that there is no supernatural strength, demanding evidence of its existence. We good Pastafarians have many evidence, and the picture above is one of them :)

Where is your Darwin now?



His Noodliness creates the Universe?

Thursday, 03 October 2013 18:35 Published in Sightings


Hello Brothers and Sisters,


As you can see in the picture, the dark matter was catched by the right tool, it is none other than the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which probably creates the universe using itself as a building material, thus decreasing its weight (probably for this reason, that I finally began to take care of yourself) :)



Scientific joke of His Noodliness

Tuesday, 01 October 2013 19:43 Published in Sightings


A few days ago Pastafarian Hanka sent us this interesting sighting.



As you can see, His Noodliness supports the widely understood education. A clear proof of it, is His sighting to console scientists after the not quite successful scientific experiment at The Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz.

Therefore improve our knowledge to the glory of His Noodliness!



Spaghetti brings people together!

Friday, 27 September 2013 20:42 Published in Sightings


Hello Sisters and Brothers,

For ages it is known that the good food brings people together.
However, there are foods that are in this much better than others, such as spaghetti :)This is partly because the Spaghetti connects on many levels, not just culinary, but also spiritually.


Only Pastafarians can say that their Friday dinner is divine and actually have this in mind :) So, Happy Friday and bon appetit !




Noodles be praised!


Although the scientists are not sure about the date of creation of mankind and the universe in general, because His Noodliness continuously manufactured research and facts, it is certain that in early days we did not have tablets, cameras in cells and horror of horrors! Internet too.

Man tried to capture what made ​​an impression on him, so he had to capture it on his available ways. So it was by art, and rock engravings. This one was found in the ruins in contemporary Nicaragua and for sure it illustrates the Flying Spaghetti Monster!


The sighting on the lesson of physics

Wednesday, 25 September 2013 20:33 Published in Sightings


Pastafarian Gabriela sent us the above photo.


How good, that our infinitely wise and good Spaghetti Monster supports youth in acquiring knowledge.
May his holy noodly appendages further guide us through the world of science.



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